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Korean Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, & More
Our treats are
a sweet and decadent way to enjoy the moment!!!

What is Bingsoo (Bingsu)?


More than just ice, Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice treat that has a texture that is literally like snow.  Unlike Italian ice and snowballs, which are usually served with just syrup, bingsoo is served with an endless stream of toppings.


A cup or bowl of bingsu can be loaded with any treat imaginable: edible flowers, a scoop of gelato, strawberries, nuts, candies, whipped cream, and much more.


This Korean iced dessert was once only available to the wealthy but now everyone can enjoy bingsoo!!!



We proudly use oat milk for our snow base so that anyone with lactose intolerance can enjoy our bingsoo.  It's also one of the more sustainable non-dairy alternatives!!! Oat milk is also gluten free and vegan! *Please note not every flavor offered is gluten free and/or vegan

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Bubble Teas

Choose from Fruit teas, Milk teas, Slushies, or Smoothies
or try one of our  

DYK: Bubble tea is a tea based  drink that started in the early 80's in Taiwan and includes toppings like chewy tapioca balls.  You usually start with black or green tea and then mix with either milk or fruit syrups!

Bungeoppang or Taiyaki

Bungeoppang (붕어빵) which is Korean for taiyaki, is a fish-shaped waffle pastry filled with sweetened red bean paste. One of Japan's and South Korea's most popular winter street foods, the snack is often sold at street stalls, grilled on an appliance similar to a waffle iron but with a fish shaped mold. Sweet red bean paste is the standard filling but many bungeoppang sold as street food are filled with all sorts of toppings like cream, chocolate and others.


Homemade Baked

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We strive to use the most eco-friendly and sustainable products for our containers, cups, and utensils.


Join the Bingsoo Crew!!!

Earn points with each purchase for rewards like discounts and more!!! Get something for free on your birthday!!!

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